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Why doctors recommend BOOST®

Doctors recommend BOOST® products to their patients in order to supplement their diets and help make sure they’re getting the nutrients they need.  Here are a few reasons why your doctor might recommend supplementing your nutrition:


You’ve lost weight

To gain or maintain weight, the calories and nutrients you’re getting through regular food / normal diet alone might not be enough. A supplemental drink can help fill in the gaps with extra calories, vitamins, and minerals.


You’re not as active as you should be

Being inactive for no particular reason may be a sign that you're not getting the nutrition you need. Our bodies need fuel, and running low is never good.


You’ve had surgery or sustained an injury

During the recovery process, you may need more nutrition than normal to help your body bounce back to where it was before.


You’ve lost your appetite

A complete nutritional drink can help meet your protein, calorie and nutritional needs, and is typically easier to enjoy than big, heavy meals.


You have difficulty chewing solid foods

A ready-to-drink nutrition supplement is easy to swallow, and may help meet your nutritional needs with less pain or discomfort.

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