BOOST® Original Nutritional Drink

An easy way to be your best self at any age is by meeting your daily nutritional requirements. BOOST® Original balanced nutritional drink helps you get more out of life with essent Read more

BOOST® Original Nutritional Drink

An easy way to be your best self at any age is by meeting your daily nutritional requirements. BOOST® Original balanced nutritional drink helps you get more out of life with essent Read more

Rich Chocolate
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An easy way to be your best self at any age is by meeting your daily nutritional requirements. BOOST® Original balanced nutritional drink helps you get more out of life with essential nutrients. Enjoy the nutritional energy and confidence of balanced nutrition with this easy, nutrient-packed snack or mini-meal. If you’re looking for the perfect way to help fuel your lifestyle, you’ve found it.

  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free
  • Suitable for Lactose Intolerance. (Not for individuals with galactosemia)

240 nutrient-rich calories with B-vitamins to help convert food to energy


Contains vitamins C & D, zinc, iron, and selenium, key nutrients for immune support


10 g high-quality protein to help maintain muscle

Vitamins & Minerals

27 vitamins and minerals for your everyday nutritional needs


sweeteners, flavors & colors

BOOST® Original drinks may be consumed with meals, or as a snack or mini-meal, and may therefore be consumed more than once per day. A general guideline is up to two bottles per day (unless otherwise directed by a healthcare professional) so that you may enjoy a variety of other choices in your diet. Your health care professional knows your nutritional requirements best, and you should always follow those guidelines as each person’s health and nutrition needs are different.

Yes, BOOST® drinks are SNAP*/EBT eligible. *SNAP is a service mark of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and an abbreviation of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. No endorsement of any brand or product by the USDA is implied or intended.

Once opened, cover unused portions, refrigerate, and use within 24 hours. Also shake well before using and serve cold. Do not freeze in the bottle.

BOOST® Original powder contains 220 calories per serving versus 240 calories in BOOST® Original drink. Both contain 25 or more vitamins & minerals and provide an excellent source of high-quality protein with 10 grams per serving. Plus they have no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, are gluten-free, kosher, and suitable for lactose intolerance (but not for individuals with galactosemia).


Full of bad sugars

From: | Jan 17, 2024

I was hoping for a healthy drink😬 This is loaded with unhealthy ingredients. I’m very dissatisfied


From: | Jul 03, 2023

Why was cafe mocha removed? It was delicious, also was the only one my stomach could tolerate. And why are prices through the roof? I really would like to know. Thank you in advance, for the answers to these questions.


From: | Jun 29, 2023

have diabetes and drank boost thinking it be ok see in Dr offices. I bought if I knew it was 37 carbs and 10 protein I would have passed. my sugar flew up. And it didn't even taste good. says nutritional but half ingredients is sugar

Great Protein Shake Ruined By Increased Prices

From: | Mar 24, 2023

This used to be one of the most affordable protein shakes on amazon. You could get a 24 pack for under $28 dollars. You are hitting right at $40 now. The price increase isn't worth my time or money.


From: Violet A | May 20, 2022

There are hundreds of "nutritional drinks" with low sugar, Boost didn't need to hop on the trend. I can't drink this now because artificial sweeteners cause stomach issues for me (and many others I know). Also has the bitter stevia aftertaste now...

Great drink!

From: savannah burns | Apr 29, 2022

This is a great drink. Tastes great and great for on the go nutrients.

Love Boost!

From: Kathy Woods | Apr 15, 2022

This taste Great and make you feel good! It’s packed with lots of great things you need. I don’t my miss my daily boost!

All Flavors

From: Mick Robeson | Mar 01, 2022

All of the Flavors are Rich,Creamy and have No Aftertaste which Is Difficult with all of the Vitamins that have been Infused In this Product...

It's actually good

From: Jae F | Mar 01, 2022

Peaches and Cream is amazing! it's soooo much better than any "chocolate shake" flavors

I agree with the recent reviews

From: | Feb 18, 2022

What was wrong with the sugarjQuery360017257742086080763_1645216707688 I too wish you you could keep the old formula. It’s terribly upsetting to those like me that depend on Boost to survive.

Average Rating


Rating Breakdown

Testimonial Alt

Gotta Have It!

Everyday I drink a Boost...And it MUST be 'Rich Chocolate'! I love when I come across those $2/$3 off coupons as well #Boost❣


NINAM Testimonial

Bottoms up!

This is a convenient boost to my busy lifestyle, when I can’t always eat properly. The fresh taste of summer flavor in this flavor of Peaches n Cream, I just love!


Testimonial Alt

Very Vanilla!

I'll cut to the chase and let you know THIS WAS GREAT! Full flavored, no aftertaste, smooth and very vanilla. A new regular in my house for sure. I just had this one for breakfast and I'm good for a while! If you've been on the fence, go ahead and jump!


Benefit alt 1


Live life on your terms by reaching for a nutrient-packed snack to help fuel your active lifestyle.

Benefit alt 2


Get more out of your day with nutritional energy to do what you love.

Benefit alt 3


A flavor so delicious, we’re sure you’ll love it or we’ll refund your purchase.**

Benefit alt 4


Never be without essential nutrients you need. Ready-to-drink nutritional shakes mean you can take balanced nutrition wherever you go.

**Offer only applies to one (1) purchase of BOOST® Nutritional Drink 4-pack or 6-pack up to a maximum refund price of $11.99, excluding sales tax. All purchases must be made between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022, as shown on the original purchase receipt in order to qualify for a refund. Not valid with any coupons for free BOOST® products.


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