04 Apr 2022

BOOST® Nutritional Drink: To Supplement a Balanced Diet

Wisdom comes with age, as they say. Age also brings a heightened awareness of what you need to do to fuel your body and lifestyle, so that we’re being our best self. 

Our nutritional needs are constantly evolving and changing throughout life. As we get older, we might have to adjust our diets due to changing health goals, medications we’re taking, illnesses or injuries we’re dealing with, or simply because our lifestyle or appetite has changed.

Navigating food and drink choices to meet your evolving nutritional needs shouldn’t be complicated, nor should a balanced diet be boring and flavorless. BOOST® nutritional drinks help you get more out of life with delicious nutritional products that provide tailored nutrition to help meet daily needs.


BOOST Nutritional Drink


What are BOOST® Drinks?

BOOST® offers a range of nutritional drinks that provide supplemental nutrition to help meet a wide variety of nutritional needs. As an addition to a balanced diet, BOOST® drinks provide high-quality protein, nutrient-rich calories and great taste in one convenient serving for everyday living.


Are BOOST® Nutritional Drinks Good for You?

Even if you eat all your vegetables and try to do all the right things with your eating habits, you still might fall short of certain nutrients. It happens to the best of us, especially as we require more of certain vitamins and minerals as we get older (like proteinvitamin D and vitamin B12, to name just a few.)

BOOST® nutritional drinks are packed with high-quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals to help fill nutrition gaps. No matter your lifestyle, there is a BOOST® nutritional drink that fits your needs.


Nutrients in BOOST® Nutritional Drinks

All BOOST® nutritional drinks provide high-quality protein and most provide key nutrients for immune support: vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, iron and selenium. Some products have higher calories to help support weight gain, and others are geared toward the unique nutritional needs of women and men. All come in shelf-stable, single-serving containers, making it easy to grab and go as a quick snack or a great-tasting, nutrient-rich beverage with meals or as a min-meal.


Which BOOST® is Right for You?

Many of us need to get more protein in our diets, which is why high-quality protein is a key ingredient in each BOOST® product. From there, you should consider whether you’re drinking BOOST® as a snack or mini meal, as a nutrient-packed beverage to have with a meal, or as a recovery drink after exercising. Here are suggestions based on various needs (see chart for more information on each product):

  • For Everyday Nutrition: BOOST® Original Drink Nutritional Drink or Nutritional Powder is great for everyone, or try the varieties geared toward men or women. BOOST® Nutritional Pudding is another delicious, non-beverage option.BOOST Original Drink
  • To Increase Protein: Reach for BOOST® High Protein Nutritional Drink with 20 grams of protein per serving, or BOOST MAX Shakes each with 30 grams of protein per serving.
BOOST High Protein Drink

  • For Those Managing Blood Sugar: Try BOOST Glucose Control® Nutritional Drink varieties which have been clinically shown to produce a lower blood sugar response than a standard nutritional drink in people with type 2 diabetes. Incorporate these drinks into a balanced diet as part of a medically supervised diabetes management plan. Not a substitute for medication.BOOST Glucose Control Drink


  • To Help Gain Weight or Increase Calories: Make BOOST Plus® or BOOST® Very High Calorie Nutritional Drinks part of your day. There’s also BOOST® Soothe and BOOST Breeze® clear liquid nutritional drinks.BOOST Plus Drink


Use BOOST® Nutritional Drinks In Favorite Recipes

BOOST Protein Pancakes & Boost Brownies_0

BOOST® nutritional drinks not only make a delicious beverage, but also add extra nutrition and great flavor to recipes! You can pump up the power of your favorite BOOST® beverage by using it as a base in any smoothie recipe, or try some of these delicious meal and snack ideas:

  • Giving protein power to pancakes with BOOST® High Protein nutritional drinks instead of milk  
  • Adding protein to a corn casserole and other savory dishes  
  • Giving chocolate brownies some additional nutrients with BOOST® Original chocolate drink in the ingredient mix  
  • Swapping in BOOST® Original vanilla nutritional drink for some of the water to reconstitute canned condensed soup to help maximize nutrition  

Try BOOST® Nutritional Drinks Today

BOOST® nutritional drinks are found in most major grocery stores, retailers, pharmacies and convenience stores. You can also purchase the nutritional beverages online and at BOOST.com.

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