05 Mar 2021

How to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

Whether you have moved away from your family, your best friend has traveled out of reach or your loved ones have relocated to different states, it can be hard keeping in touch. Thankfully, technology and good old-fashioned snail mail are making things a little easier. Here are just a few ways to make sure you keep connections with family and friends strong despite the physical distance.


Organize video chats


Oftentimes texting and phone calls alone are not enough to check in or catch up, so be sure to get some face-to-face time in every so often. In addition to straightforward video chats, you can switch things up by organizing:

Digital workout sessions

  • Get up and get moving together with some group exercise!
    • Find an online workout video you can all do together, making sure to take everyone’s skill levels into account
    • Have someone volunteer to lead everyone in a workout of their choosing
    • Put on some music and have a dance party (this is an easy and fun way to implement cardio into your daily routine)


Virtual cook-alongs

  • Spend an evening together learning how to make a nutritious recipe (or two)
  • Have everyone take turns each month virtually “hosting” and teaching the group to make a favorite/much beloved family recipe


Livestream holiday dinners

  • Holidays can be a hard time to be away from loved ones. Good thing they’re just a video chat away! Be sure to cook your own holiday favorites for a little taste of home before dialing in.


Video brunch/coffee dates

  • Set aside time on the weekend for a virtual brunch with your favorite food and drinks or agree on a time during the day to catch up over coffee


An online book club

  • To get started, simply agree on a book that everyone will read and set up a time for the group to discuss virtually. You can prepare discussion questions ahead of time to kick things off or let the conversation flow naturally.


Play online games

There are plenty of games you can play over your phone or computer together. We recommend word games or other activities that let you have fun but also help to keep your mind sharp.


Send photos and videos

Let your loved ones feel like they’re still part of the action by sending photos and videos of special events/moments.
•    Take a video of you opening any gifts or packages they send your way
•    Share photos from events like holidays and birthdays
•    Send videos of special moments, like your grandchild’s first steps


Write letters and cards

Nothing says “I care” like a handwritten message sent via mail. In addition to birthday and holiday cards, a nice letter letting them know how things are going in your life will go a long way.


Put together a care package

Looking to connect with a family member or friend who has moved away? Send them a care package to remind them of home.

Be sure to include:

  • A handwritten note telling them how much you miss them
  • Delicious home-baked treats they love
  • Favorite non-perishables and other goodies from stores they no longer have access to


TIP: Don’t have the time to put together a care package? Send them surprises directly to their door using websites like BOOST.com!


Regardless of how you keep your connections strong, staying in contact with your loved ones is incredibly important for your emotional well-being. So make it a priority to not lose touch with your support system … no matter how busy life gets.

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