21 Mar 2022

Is BOOST® Right for You? It Is for These Two Active Women

We are constantly learning about our bodies and ourselves as we get older. While it's no surprise that aging can bring new or unexpected medical concerns, it’s also a time when we discover just how much we’re capable of.

Here, we share the inspiring stories of two women who found a renewed sense of purpose and power in their 50s. Both credit BOOST® nutritional drinks, with high-quality protein and more than 20 vitamins and minerals per serving, to help them enjoy their active lifestyles and be at their best.


Iracema Natalie McCann

Staying Active with BOOST Women Nutritional Drink doing Yoga

For Iracema Natalie McCann, being active was a way of life. She would hit the gym at least four days per week in order to stay fit and healthy.

When she was in her mid-50s, a diagnosis of a rare autoimmune disease led McCann to change both her fitness routine and her eating habits. Her condition caused her to develop painful blisters and sores on her skin and in her mouth and nose, often interfering with her everyday life.



Although this felt like a major blow to McCann’s lifestyle, her positive attitude helped her overcome the initial shock. “I’ve always adapted,” she said. “I address what I need to address.”

For McCann, that meant switching up her gym routine since any kind of cut or bump could trigger blisters to form. Stress also aggravates the condition, so McCann did more outdoor walking, biking, swimming and started doing free fitness apps for yoga and Pilates. Soon she realized she also needed to make some changes to her diet, too.



Spicy foods often led to a flare-up, and crunchy or harder foods exacerbated the pain when she had active blisters in her mouth and throat. During those flare-ups, getting the nutrition she needed could be challenging.

That’s when McCann quickly learned to depend on BOOST® Women Nutritional Drink, especially when she traveled. With 15 grams of high-quality protein and 24 vitamins and minerals to help fill nutritional gaps, BOOST® Women nutritional drinks are tailored to help meet the needs of women. “I swear by it,” she said. “It really helps me when I don’t have the ability to eat my regular foods.”

For McCann, her new diagnosis has become more of an opportunity than an obstacle. “Every decade for me has proven to be a learning experience,” she says. Today, she feels more capable than ever to take on what comes next.


Sunilda Vasquez

How Turning 50 Inspired a Change in Career—and a Commitment to Staying Active with BOOST Women

Sunilda Vasquez celebrated her 50th birthday as the start of new beginnings. With her two sons now adults and living on their own, Vasquez decided now was the time for her to start living for herself and doing the things that truly fulfilled her.

With the help of a nutritional expert, Vasquez lost 40 pounds and gained a new perspective on life. Much like she learned to focus on the foods that nourished her body, she also decided to reflect on what would nourish her mind and soul. That led to a midlife career change: after 20 years working in finance, she left her Wall Street job and became a certified life coach.

“As I was helping people with their money, I realized that I was doing more coaching about their feelings around money than investing,” said Vasquez. “I want to help people where I feel they need it the most.”



A longtime avid dancer, Vasquez continues to keep the weight off – and find joy in the process – with her new hobby of ballroom dancing. “I’ve always had an inclination for dancing,” she said. “It’s a lot of fun—everything I expected.” She challenges other muscles of her body by riding her stationary bike and doing strength training. Her diet has changed, too.

Vasquez found that following a macro diet is the eating plan that works best for her, with daily goals for carbohydrates, fats and protein. “The thing is, the protein is really, really, really hard to do,” while trying not to overdo her goals for fats, she explained.

When Vasquez discovered BOOST MAXWomen Nutritional Drink, with its 30 grams of protein and 160 calories per serving, she was hooked. “It makes following my macros a breeze,” she said. Now Vasquez can focus on nailing the tango instead of stressing over her diet.


Find the Nutritional Drink That’s Right for You

BOOST® has a comprehensive line of nutritional drinks to help meet a wide variety of needs. Here is a product that's specifically tailored for women and their nutritional needs:

  • BOOST® Women, which provides the following in each bottle:  
    • 15 grams of high-quality protein  
    • 180 nutrient-rich calories with 24 vitamins and minerals
    • Calcium and vitamin D to support strong bones 
    • Iodine and selenium to help support normal thyroid function 
    • Biotin and zinc for hair and skin health 
BOOST Women Nutritional Drink for Women

All BOOST® nutritional drinks are backed with a Great Taste Guarantee. If you don’t love it, you’ll get a refund. Terms and conditions apply.

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