23 Sep 2022

Amount of Protein: How BOOST® Nutritional Drinks Compare to Other Foods

There is something so empowering when you feel the bulge of a muscle underneath your skin. It’s not just acknowledgement of time spent at the gym lifting weights or switching to a high-protein diet to support strong muscles. It’s also the satisfaction of knowing that muscle is there to help keep you strong and support everyday activities like hauling grocery bags or getting in and out of the car without injury or strain.


Protein for Muscle Health


Protein from real foods and nutritional drinks is what fuels muscle and bone health. As we get older, we need more of this vital nutrient to keep muscles from breaking down and to help support overall health. A 150-pound older adult needs at least 75 grams of protein per day (1 gram of protein for every 2 pounds of bodyweight) – more than what you might need as a younger adult. If you are sick, have a chronic disease or are malnourished, you may need even more protein with a daily goal of 90 grams or more.


Not only that, but protein intake should be spaced out throughout the day since extra protein isn’t stored in the body for later use. A good rule of thumb is to get 20-35 grams at each meal or snack.


BOOST® Nutritional Drink for Supplemental Protein


When protein needs increase, many people depend on BOOST® nutritional drinks, in addition to real foods, to help meet daily goals. BOOST® has a range of supplementary nutritional beverages made with high-quality protein, delivering key nutrients you need in flavors you enjoy – and all in one portable package.


BOOST® High Protein


To fill moderate gaps in the diet, BOOST® High Protein Nutritional Drink is a good choice. One 8-fluid ounce serving provides 20 grams of high-quality protein. That’s enough for a between-meal snack or to supplement a lighter meal. You would get a similar amount of protein with these real foods:


  • Shrimp, 3 ounces cooked (20 g)  
  • Ground beef, 3 ounces cooked of 85% lean (22 g)  
  • Pork chop, 3 ounces, boneless and broiled (23 g)  
  • Chicken breast, 3 ounces, boneless and grilled (26 g)  
  • Tuna fish, 3 ounces of chunk light, canned in water and drained (20 g)  


BOOST® Original


For an incremental increase of protein in your daily diet and for everyday nutrition, the line of BOOST® Original Nutritional Drinks are offered in a variety of flavors and can help you meet your daily nutrient needs. Each 8-fluid ounce single-serving bottle provides 10 grams of high-quality protein, on par with:


  • Cottage cheese, 1/2 cup of low-fat (1% milkfat) (14 grams)  
  • Black beans, 1 cup canned, (14 grams)  
  • Eggs, 2 large (12 grams)  
  • Greek yogurt, 5.3-ounce container of low-fat strawberry flavor (12 grams)  
  • Tofu, firm, 1/2 cup (11 grams)  


And consider this: both BOOST® Original and BOOST® High Protein beverages provide a bit more protein per serving than these common protein-rich real foods:


  • Yogurt, 6-ounce container of traditional, plain flavor (9 grams)  
  • Milk, 1 cup/8 fluid ounces of nonfat/skim (8 grams)  
  • Quinoa, 1 cup cooked (8 grams)  
  • Peanut butter, 2 tablespoons (7 grams)  
  • Soymilk, 1 cup/8 fluid ounces of nonfat, flavored or unflavored (6 grams)  
  • Almonds, 1 ounce (6 grams)  


The Benefits of Choosing BOOST® Nutritional Drinks to help meet Protein Needs


Picking the perfect protein for your nutrition needs shouldn’t be too hard. Whether you’re an omnivore, vegan or somewhere in between, there are many options to choose from. Protein that comes from animal sources like meat, seafood and dairy are considered complete sources, since they have all of the essential amino acids (building blocks of protein). Plant-based sources may be lower in one or more amino acid, but a mixed diet should give you everything you need. The key is to keep your sources varied – and choose options that are easy and enjoyable for a high-protein diet that’s truly doable!


Keep in mind that BOOST® nutritional drinks also deliver essential vitamins and minerals to help fill nutritional gaps. The portable, single-serving containers are convenient and require no refrigeration, meaning you can keep some in your gym bag, purse or briefcase to have whenever you need it. It’s extra protein, vitamins and minerals in the palm of your hand!

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