Meet Rosanne

Meet Rosanne

I was happy I tried BOOST® because I ended up really liking the flavor. The rich chocolate is my favorite and seems like an easy way to help get the protein I need.

Like many people her age, 56-year-old Rosanne noticed that her muscle mass was decreasing- despite her active lifestyle in California! Although this is a natural part of aging, Roseanne began looking for new ways to help support muscle health and get the nutrition she needed to be her best self. 

After talking to her doctor, it was recommended that she add more protein to her diet. With a busy schedule that included work, she wondered where to start. After doing some research, she found BOOST® High Protein Drink in Rich Chocolate flavor.  “This seemed like an easy way to help get the extra protein I need,” Roseanne shared. She was pleasantly surprised by the enjoyable flavor and how easily she could supplement her diet as a quick snack or mini meal. 

Since adding BOOST® High Protein Nutritional Drink in Rich Chocolate flavor to her diet, Roseanne feels confident she is taking care to be her best self to support her active lifestyle. She plans to continue enjoying one BOOST® Nutritional Drink a day.
Many people find it difficult to get extra protein in their diet. Roseanne, thank you for sharing your story with us.

As with every person, Roseanne’s situation is unique.  Talk to your doctor about whether BOOST® products can help meet your nutritional needs.