Meet Margaret

Meet Margaret

The High Protein BOOST® is still part of my daily regiment and will continue to be so as my body gets stronger.

63-year-old Margaret’s quiet life in Connecticut with her cat Nico was disrupted in the fall of 2020 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As part of her treatment, Margaret had to undergo a double mastectomy and chemotherapy for nearly six months. In addition to losing her hair, she also lost most of her sense of taste. As she explained, “None of my favorite foods tasted good and I found myself eating a lot of carbs.”

  With the go-ahead from her trusted doctor, Margaret began supplementing her diet with BOOST® High Protein Drink in Rich Chocolate flavor because she loved the taste and chocolate was one of the few flavors she could still enjoy through chemo.

“I would have one with breakfast and another with lunch or dinner,” Margaret shared, “I worked during treatment and having this nutrition helped me with my energy levels. I continued this right through radiation … I truly believe that the vitamins and minerals, along with added protein, helped get through treatment.”

Despite finishing her cancer treatments in August of 2021, Margaret says BOOST® High Protein Nutritional Drink has remained (and will continue to remain) a part of her daily routine.

Margaret, we are beyond honored to have been able to play such a helpful role in your journey. You are indeed an inspiration in so many ways. 

As with every medical condition, Margaret’s situation is unique.  Talk to your doctor about whether BOOST® products can help meet your nutritional needs.