Key benefits



22g of protein to help maintain muscle


530 nutrient-rich calories 

Vitamins & Minerals

26 Vitamins and Minerals for nutrition you need each day

The highest calorie BOOST® nutritional drink to help gain or maintain weight
Gluten Free
Suitable for Lactose Intolerance (Not for individuals with galactosemia)

No Artificial colors & sweeteners. Creamy Strawberry Flavor is made with natural strawberry flavor.
Contains Vitamins C & D, Zinc, Iron & Selenium, key nutrients for Immune Support

BOOST® Immune Support

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more flavors
By: on Jan 21, 2021

my son needs and loves this, but would like more flavors,please......i am now adding flavored syrups, but having different flavors already in the bottle would be great.....this is his only nutrition....he can't eat real food.....

Saved my life
By: Rivers6644 on Jun 26, 2020

This drink saved my life once. I'm in that same dangerous place again. I wish I could afford it

Yes, I recommend this product.

Excellent Product
By: cando on Jun 20, 2020

My husband & I used this daily for months after we both had huge weight losses from health issues & stress that we were both dealing with at the same time. This product works & tastes good also. Has lots of vitamins to. We both gained back all of the weight we lost!

Yes, I recommend this product.

This product may bought me time and saved my life!
By: GeraldFromFlorida on Jun 05, 2020

Close to 3 weeks ago I became no longer able to swallow almost all foods except for baby food, smoothies and yogurt Do to problems with my esophageal. First week I could figure out what I could get down and became so weak that I almost could do nothing. Soonest I can be seen for text is a month away. I have since found a liquid food source that is real food, haven’t tried it yet but it arrives tomorrow. Eating 2 baby foods and drinks a bottle of this stuff for both breakfast and dinner gave me my energy back for the time being. Hope and pray that this information helps someone else in my shoes!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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