Key benefits

Helps Gain or Maintain Weight


14 g High-Quality Protein to help maintain muscle


Calcium, Vitamin D, and Magnesium to support strong bones


360 Nutrient-rich Calories with 8 B-Vitamins to help convert food to energy

Vitamins & Minerals

26 Vitamins and Minerals for nutrition you need each day


PREBIO 1™ is a proprietary blend of prebiotics to help nourish the good bacteria that exist naturally in the gut

BOOST® PLUS contains key nutrients including Zinc, Antioxidant Vitamins C & E, and Selenium to support IMMUNE HEALTH


No Artificial Colors and Sweeteners
Gluten Free
Suitable for Lactose Intolerance. (Not for individuals with galactosemia)

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94.0% Recommend this product.


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Good taste
By: Shantae on May 29, 2020

I drink one of these everyday and I have not seen results yet so I started drinking 2 a day see if anything chances but despite that I love the drink it’s good overall!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Nothing but boost plus for 3 years
By: grzz on Feb 07, 2020

I have had nothing but boost plus and milk for 3 years now. I drink 3 to 4 a day and a couple glasses of milk. Have you thought of providing boost plus in quart bottles?

Yes, I recommend this product.

My husband needs it . He had oral cancer surgery.
By: Moses on Jan 18, 2020

He drinks it to keep his weight maintained .Until he will be able to supplement with other foods. He drinks 6 bottles a day.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Question; Does Boost Plus have any electrolytes i
By: Anne on Dec 26, 2019

I drink this everyday to add to my protein intake. I just need to know if it has electrolytes

Yes, I recommend this product.

what happened to my calorie smart with 100 cal.
By: Louis on Nov 13, 2019

I drink this because i need the nutrion and lower calories

Yes, I recommend this product.

Love the taste but disappointed w new formula
By: silvia on Nov 07, 2019

This drink used to have 3 games of fiber and only has 1? As a nutrition drink, it should have more fiber, since most people who drink these have an illness, this may be the only food they intake all day. And humans need fiber in their diet.

Nestle boost
By: Lissa on Oct 30, 2019

I did not care for this at all didn't like the flavor or taste even the after taste it was nasty flavor I would not recommend this I sorry it's just not for me at all

Tastes great!
By: Deej on Oct 17, 2019

I lost a tremendous amount of weight due to anxiety. Food has been completely unappealing. I don’t eat, which makes me nauseous, which makes me not eat. This drink fills up my stomach, makes my nausea go away, and allows me to eat food. I enjoy the taste of the chocolate flavor very much. I look forward to my morning Boost! I just added these to my diet this week, and I’m hoping to see some weight gain soon.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Great nutritional drink that helps maintain weight
By: tootsie61 on Jul 21, 2019

My husband has been drinking these for over a year to help him keep his weigh up. He started drinking them while going through chemo and radiation and loves the chocolate flavor.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Fantastic chocolate flavor and amazing nutrition!
By: Chrystee93 on Jul 10, 2019

I absolutely love the taste of this drink! Not only that, but being the health nut that I am, I love to supplement my clean vegetarian diet each day with Boost Plus! I'm picky and I love it so anyone would probably love this drink.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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