Key benefits



22 g High-Quality Protein to support lean muscle and help manage hunger


Calcium and Vitamin D, to support strong bones


120 Calories to help you be up for anything

Vitamins & Minerals

25 Vitamins and Minerals for nutrition you need each day


2-4 g carbohydrates, including 1g sugars

0 carb choices
Gluten Free
No Soy Ingredients

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92.6% Recommend this product.


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Need more flavors
By: Gette57 on Jan 30, 2020

Love the product, just wish it came in strawberry and the new peaches n cream

Yes, I recommend this product.

Like a BIG hug!
By: Jeannie on Jan 25, 2020

Boost Glucose Control has all that I need. Flavor is delicious, strawberry my favorite. I am amazed at all of the vitamins & protein. I feel secure in my Bost brand selection!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Great taste
By: Dawn101 on Jan 07, 2020

I'm just starting this drink. Have to say a great taste

Yes, I recommend this product.

By: Jheri on Dec 11, 2019

I find this brand easier to drink than another popular brand, however, I sure wish more flavors were offered for the diabetic drink.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Great tasting meal replacement
By: PittsburghFan on Dec 08, 2019

I drink BOOST almost every day due to nutritional issues. It's not just a meal replacement as it helps me with many things even recovering from surgery where I need to keep vitamins, protein in check. It does taste good and years ago I used to freeze them a little to make a little slushy but with packaging change, it says to not freeze therefore I haven't tried. I highly recommend to anyone that's had weight loss surgery, needs more protein intake, meal replacement, something for those with diabetes etc.

Yes, I recommend this product.

More flavors
By: Wdd101 on Oct 10, 2019

Wish you had more flavors. Vanilla or chocolate every day gets old.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Thanks for helping me lose 30 pounds in 3 months!
By: Haystack on May 13, 2019

I have a bottle of this -- love both the chocolate and vanilla versions -- every morning, with a fresh banana for breakfast. 300 Calories, fills me up until lunch. It's got all the things I need, and none of the extra sugar I don't. Thanks to this, and the rest of my diet, I now no longer need one of my most expensive diabetes oral medications... Boost has more than paid for its own cost, just in that. I'll continue enjoying this Glucose Control version, for sure!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Managing my weight and dietary habits
By: AlexA on Apr 02, 2019

A friend recommended I try this product and well I'm quite pleased so far, the taste is smooth for being a protein drink... there is a very slight after taste but nothing a bit of water can't fix.

Yes, I recommend this product.

too much protein
By: Susan991 on Jan 28, 2019

A person with diabetes does not need this much protein for a snack (equivalent to 3 eggs), unless they have been weight lifting, and in that case may need carbohydrate replacement as well. As a meal replacement, this has too few carbohydrates (2gm). I'm not sure where this drink fits into my meal plan. I prefer the Glucose control Boost with 16gm carbohydrate, 16 gm protein.

By: KLa926 on Jan 11, 2019

I drink this every morning for breakfast, and I add a bit of cinnamon to it and shake it well! I am stuck on the vanilla right now, however I bet it I were to add it to the chocolate it would be good as well! Wonder if I could warm it up a little with the cinnamon? Might try that soon!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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