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Your Aging Patients Have Higher Protein Needs

Recommendations from
International Expert Groups Call for Higher Protein Intake

Higher protein intake (beyond the RDA) is needed in patients over 65 years.(1,2,3)

Inadequate Protein Intake Increases with Age

46.2% of adults ages 70 and older are not meeting protein intake requirements.

New research shows more than 1 in 3 adults ages 51+ years did not meet the minimum protein intake of 0.8 g protein/kg body weight/day.(4)

Protein Intake and Utilization Affects
Functionality in Older Adults

The Timing of Protein Intake Can Impact Protein Optimization5,6

  1. Having protein (i.e. 20 g supplement) soon after exercise or physical therapy works in synergy to support muscles.
  2. Dividing the daily amount of protein across 3 balanced meals (i.e. 20–35 g protein per meal) can help maximize anabolic response specific to protein utilization
  3. Using breakfast as a key meal to fuel muscle with the right level of protein is important, considering that the supply of dietary protein is discontinued overnight (between dinner and breakfast)

BOOST® Nutritional Products Help Your Patients Get the Protein
They Need and More

BOOST® Nutritional Drinks can help your patients get the protein they need to help maintain muscle health, to support an active lifestyle as they age while meeting nutritional requirements based on their unique needs.


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