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Healthy weight gain tips

Nutritional challenges arise for many people as they age. If you’ve been injured or you’re recovering from an illness, your nutritional needs may be greater than normal. Follow these tips in consultation with your healthcare provider to get the nutrition you need to gain or maintain weight.


Look for nutrient-rich foods

Consuming empty-calorie foods such as soft drinks, candy, and salty snacks is not a successful way to build muscle, repair tissue after surgery, or improve your health. For healthy weight gain, make all of your calories as nutrient-rich as possible by relying on fresh fruits and veggies, and easy-to-eat proteins such as peanut butter, eggs, milk, cheese, and quinoa.


Eat 5 to 6 times a day

If you have a small appetite, consider eating mini-meals or snacks spread over the course of the day. Also, try to drink fluids before and after meals but not with them, which will help leave more room for food.


Say yes to supplements

It can be difficult to get the extra nutrition and calories you need with regular food alone. Oral Nutritional Supplements are beverages that are specifically formulated to help fill nutritional gaps to meet the nutritional needs of those with various medical conditions. These drinks are a delicious and convenient source of nutrients, and can be easily incorporated into your daily diet.


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