Recommend the Many Benefits of BOOST®

BOOST® Nutritional Drinks are an excellent source of many key nutrients for those who are unable to consume appropriate nutrients from their regular diet alone. The great taste can help to promote patient compliance, and the easy-to-open caps and grip-friendly bottles make it possible for everyone to enjoy them.

Which BOOST is Right for My Patient?

BOOST<sup>®</sup> Original

BOOST® Original

Recommend BOOST® Original Complete Nutritional Drink for those who aren't getting the nutrition they need from regular food alone, such as:

  • Individuals with loss of appetite
  • Patients who need extra nutrition to help fill the nutritional
    gaps in their diet
  • Individuals with difficulty preparing balanced meals
  • Patients requiring additional nutrition after surgery or illness
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BOOST<sup>®</sup> High Protein

BOOST® High Protein

Recommend BOOST® High Protein Complete Nutritional Drink for those who need additional protein to help maintain muscle, as well as:

  • Patients requiring additional protein following illness, injury or surgery
  • Patients generally seeking increased protein
    in their diets
  • Individuals with loss of appetite
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Recommend BOOST Plus® Complete Nutritional Drink for those patients who have difficulty achieving or maintaining a healthy weight. It provides 360 calories, 3 grams of fiber and 14 grams of protein per 8 fl oz serving to help:

  • Individuals with loss of appetite
  • Patients who have a need for general weight gain
  • Patients who are fluid restricted and need additional calories
    in a lower volume
  • Individuals with unintended weight loss
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BOOST® Calorie Smart™

BOOST® Calorie Smart™

Recommend BOOST® Calorie Smart™ Nutritional Drink for patients in need of balanced nutrition in less than 200 calories. It helps to provide the vitamins, minerals, and protein the body needs in 190 calories per 8 fl oz serving, making it suitable for:

  • Individuals needing help to meet their nutritional goals who do not require general weight gain
  • Individuals with difficulty preparing balanced meals
  • Individuals who seek to limit their calorie and sugar intake
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BOOST Glucose Control®

BOOST Glucose Control®*

Recommend BOOST Glucose Control® Nutritional Drink for patients that need help managing blood glucose levels as part of a balanced diet. It is specially designed for:

  • Individuals with diabetes seeking nutrition solutions to help manage their blood glucose levels
  • Individuals with diabetes needing help to meet their nutritional needs
  • Individuals with diabetes who seek a convenient and nutritious snack or mini meal option
  • Individuals with diabetes who may have difficulty preparing balanced snacks or meals

*BOOST Glucose Control® Drink is intended for use under medical supervision as part of a diabetes management plan.

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