BOOST Optimum

When you need advanced nutrition, try the 5-in-1 Advanced Nutrition in BOOST Optimum Drink. With 22 grams in every bottle, BOOST Optimum Drink provides the high-quality protein you need for energy and muscle maintenance. It also has 55% fewer carbs, 45% less sugars and fat, and 35% fewer calories than Ensure® Enlive® Milk Chocolate Nutrition Shake.*

BOOST Optimum Drink has 5-in-1 Advanced Nutrition, with a blend of protein, vitamins and minerals to support muscle and bone health, vision, energy and normal immune function.

BOOST Optimum Drink comes in Rich Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla and is backed by our money-back Great Taste Guarantee.**

*Ensure Enlive is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories.

**The BOOST® Great Taste Guarantee offer only applies to the purchase of one (1) BOOST® Nutritional Drink 4-pack made between 1/1/18 and 12/31/18. Limit one refund per name, address or household. Offer valid in the U.S. only. Visit for additional information.

Key benefits of BOOST Optimum 8 fl oz Drink:

5-in-1 Advanced Nutrition

MUSCLE 22 g high-quality protein plus potassium to help support muscle health

BONE Calcium, vitamin D and magnesium to help support strong bones

ENERGY Eight B-vitamins, including B12 to help convert food to energy

IMMUNE Antioxidants, including vitamin C and selenium, to help support normal immune function

VISION Vitamin A, zinc and riboflavin to help support normal vision

220 Calories

To help you be UP for anything

26 Vitamins & Minerals

Nutrition you need each day

No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners

Gluten Free

Suitable for people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease

Suitable for Lactose Intolerance**

**Not for individuals with galactosemia

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