I’m a Caregiver

You will be central in helping the person close to you to stay strong by eating well! You'll have to help to plan and provide the options for flexibility. Not all days will be alike! And it is ok, just try to adapt and make sure that food continues to be as enjoyable as it can and remains a key social moment

You are also the one who can process information better sometimes: gather information with the health care professional, try to figure out things when you can to manage your new reality. Do not hesitate to reach out for help when needed !

Ideas that can help you

  • Don’t be surprised if your loved one’s tastes change from day to day. There may be days when they will not want a usual favorite or say it tastes bad now.
  • Keep foods including snacks within easy reach to help your loved one eat quickly when they are ready to have something to eat.
  • Offering gentle support will be much more helpful than pushing your loved one to eat. Suggest they try small frequent meals when he or she has no appetite.
  • Do not make eating a battle, talking with your loved one about ways to manage eating problems together will help you both feel more in control.