I’ve finished treatment…

Step 4 focus

You may find that once you finish cancer treatment many of your eating problems will slowly start to get better. Keep making healthy choices in your diet and continue your exercise program to help you regain strength, achieve a healthy weight and improve how you feel.

Maximize the Benefits of Nutrition

  • Appetite diminished? You can supplement one or two meals with a nutritionally balanced, high calorie drink. It will provide the nutrients your body needs to help maintain your strength.
  • Keep high-calorie, high-protein snacks handy, eat first then drink later to avoid filling up on liquids and eat smaller amounts, more often.
  • Try to take small walks (even just around your house) to stimulate your appetite and help reduce fatigue.
  • Try blending convenient nutrition enhancers like protein powders, into the foods you are now eating
  • If you have a metallic taste in your mouth, you may find helpful using plastic forks and spoons for eating.