Some of the most inspirational stories come from people living life to the fullest every day.


We're about helping people make the most of life, whatever their age. We believe life is about moving forward, looking up, and embracing opportunities. See for yourself how life is more exciting when you're UP for it.







Kathleen Takes the Stage

James Grabs the Reins

Ricardo Dances to the Beat

Katherine Finds the Right Fit

Dana and Meredith Take Life to New Heights

Tina Wins the Race

Kathleen has always loved to sing—and after a 32-year business career she decided to spend more time pursuing her passion as a professional jazz singer. We're inspired by how Kathleen was UP for realizing her dream.

James never imagined that his love for horses could translate into a career. But after 25 years as a Hollywood digital artist he's put down his pencil to focus on training horses—specializing in the most troubled ones. James' motivational story inspires us all to be UP for life.

Retiring didn't mean slowing down for Ricardo—it meant dancing the nights away. Even now at age 80, being UP for teaching others what he loves means he can continue being a student of life.

After being a successful executive for 30 years, Katherine shifted her focus to fashion and created her own clothing line. By being UP for pursuing her dreams, she found more success and happiness than she ever could have imagined.

Dana and Meredith's shared passion for flying and love for each other have led to the most fulfilling journey of their lives. By being UP for new challenges, they've reached new heights they never thought possible and are teaching others to do the same.

Tina grew up going to the race track with her father and dreamed of racing, but decided to pursue a career in customer service. A few years ago, she worked up the courage to step out of the stands and be a part of the action. She bought a car, won her first ever race, and never looked back. By being UP for following her passion, she found what she was meant to do and became an inspiration.