Managing Diabetes: A Heads-Up on Nutrition Facts Panels and Food Choices

When living with diabetes, deciding what to eat can be a challenge. And the Nutrition Facts panel on packaged foods and beverages can be confusing. However, it's the first place to look when making wise food choices to help manage diabetes.

Here are 5 easy tips for making the most of the Nutrition Facts panel:

Nutritional Facts Chart

1st Start Here: Serving Size

Always check the size of a single serving and see how many servings are in each package. It's important to know how many servings are in the actual portions of the snacks and meals that you are consuming.

2nd Check: Total Calories per Serving

Now that you know the serving size and how many servings you're really consuming, don't forget that if you double the servings you eat, you double the calories you consume as well.

3rd Limit: These Nutrients

  • • Total Fat, Saturated Fat and Trans Fat
  • • Cholesterol
  • • Sodium

4th Count: Total Carbohydrates

Next check out the grams of "Total Carbohydrates" in each serving. Total carbs include starches, naturally occurring and added sugar, and fiber. Use this number to convert carb grams to “Carb Choices” (15g of Total Carbs = 1 Carb Choice). Check with a diabetes educator or registered dietitian about a food plan and the amount of Carb Choices that are best for you.

5th Finish Strong: Get Enough of These Nutrients

  • • Fiber
  • • Protein
  • • Vitamins and Minerals – such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, and Vitamins A, C, D, E, & K

We hope these tips will help make food label reading and meal planning easier. Remember, when you check the Nutrition Facts panel of a BOOST Glucose Control® bottle, not only does it provide 16g of protein (32% Daily Value) to help manage hunger, but also 3g of fiber and 25 essential vitamins and minerals. And with just 1 Carb Choice per 8 fl oz bottle compared to 2 Carb Choices per 8 fl oz bottle of Glucerna® Advance Shake*, BOOST Glucose Control® drink is a great choice for anyone managing their carb intake.

20-Second Label Checking

If you only have a little time to make sure you are making the best nutritional decisions in managing your diabetes, simply check the following 3 sections of any food label to see if you should grab it and go, or walk on by.

Check these 3 key sections:

  • • Serving Size
  • • Total Carbohydrates
  • • Saturated Fat and Trans Fat

*Glucerna® is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories.