Nutritional & Medical Considerations

Doctors recommend BOOST® Drinks to their patients in order to supplement their diets and make sure they're getting the necessary nutrients they need to be healthy.

Here are a few reasons your doctor may have recommended BOOST® to you:

To achieve or maintain a healthy weight, you may need supplemental nutrition beyond what you're getting through meals.
Being inactive for no particular reason may be a sign that you're not getting the nutrition you need.
A complete nutritional drink can help meet your protein, calorie and nutritional needs.
During the recovery process, you may need more nutrition than normal.
A ready-to-drink nutrition supplement may help meet your nutritional needs.

Which BOOST® is right for you?

It’s not just nutrition, its intelligent nutrition. BOOST® Nutritional Drinks–an excellent source of many key nutrients. Each drink offers unique nutritional solutions that help to meet a wide variety of dietary needs.
Discover the health benefits of each BOOST® Drink, and how they can help keep you at your best.